What we make

We make recovered textile fibres

At Alcocertex we upcycle textile waste from other companies and turn them into recovered textile fibres by means of a mechanical shredding process. We give new life to textile waste and help reduce solid waste in landfill sites. 

The products we obtain are fibre that can be used with the highest guarantees for open-end spinning, yarn carding and spinning, felt manufacturing, sound-proofing and geotextiles.

At Alcocertex we transform 22,000 tonnes of textile waste every year, converting it into high quality regenerated textile fibres available in the biggest range of colours on the market.

How we do it ->

Reception of raw materials

Each bale of raw material is inspected on reception to ensure it complies with the quality standards we require from our suppliers.

Preparing for shredding

The bales are opened and inspected and any bales that are unsuitable are rejected. This enables us to maintain the strictest quality standards.

Cutting and spraying

The raw material is cut into the appropriate size for the product being manufactured. During this process metal detectors prevent any metal waste from being present in the final product.


The cut raw material is stored in the mixing rooms, enabling us to obtain a uniformity of colour and composition in all our products.


The basis of our production process is the shredding of these textile raw materials to obtain recovered textile fibres. All our machines have an aspiration system that removes any dust from the final product.

Compressing and storage

We complete the process by compressing and packaging the fibres. All bales are fully identified to ensure the complete traceability of our products. Depending on the type of fibre, the weight of our bales varies from 330 to 370 kilos. 

Who we manufacture for

We work with a wide range of materials and compositions, which, together with our know-how, means we can respond to the needs of:

  1. Open-end spinning
  2. Manufacturers of non-woven fabric for geotextiles
  3. Manufacturers of sound-proof felts for insulation or the car industry
  4. Manufacturers of felts for mattresses, using either punching or thermoforming processes

Our five production lines enable us to handle a large amount of textile waste. Plus, we have trained and committed personnel who are supported by the technology available in our facilities, allowing us to offer top quality products with the flexibility we need to be able to respond to our clients’ specifications.

How can we help you?

Committed to the Environment

At Alcocertex we are fully committed to the Environment, focusing our activity on upcycling the raw materials that we recover and send back into the production chain.

We contribute to sustainability because our activity:

  • Reduces pollution and energy consumption.
  • Uses fewer fossil fuels.
  • Does not use any dyes in the production process.
  • Reduces the volume of solid waste in landfill sites.
  • Saves virgin raw materials, thereby helping to reduce the use of fertilisers, pesticides and water.