We manufacture recovered textiles

Non woven geotextiles

How we produce

How is our product manufactured and what can we offer?

Reception of raw materials

Reception of raw materials. We begin the production process by taking delivery of raw materials that must fulfill certain requirements to be suitable for production. Even though they are textile waste from other companies, they must be new, clean, and classified by composition and colour.

Preparation for fraying

After the bales are opened, a thorough inspection of the contents is made in order to reject any unsuitable material.  Next, the material is sent to cutting machines, which have metal detectors to prevent any metallic particle from getting into the product, and they are chopped into smaller pieces. Finally, they are stored in a mixing room, which helps to create a uniform mix.


The production process involves the fraying of these textile materials to obtain shredded fibres or regenerated fibres that then become part of the production process of our customers. To that end, we have a committed staff who, together with the technology of our equipment, allow us not only to offer products of maximum quality, but also to provide the flexibility needed to to deal with customers’ requests.

The dust extraction system throughout the complete process leaves the final product dust-free.

Pressing and storage

From the tearing machine the material goes to the packaging press, resulting in bales of approximately 350 kg, which are easily storable. They then go to our warehouse and are completely protected until they are loaded into trucks or containers. The large capacity of our warehouses means that we have permanent stock, so we can reduce delivery time to a minimum.


We can work with a wide range of materials and compositions, and with any textile waste we can produce the product you need.

The technical development of our production lines has been focused on obtaining the best technology for processing the highest number of textile scraps with the quality and requirements expected by our customers.


The work that our company does, giving value to the raw materials that we receive from the recycling companies, has the following benefits to the environment:
The reduction of pollution in general and energy consumption
Using less fossil fuel during the production process and the non-use of dyes
Reduction in the volume of solid wastes from dumping sites
Economising on virgin raw material.