We buy textile waste

We buy textile waste

We are continuously looking for new suppliers of raw materials

We buy textile waste with these characteristics:

  • New textile waste, sorted by colour and composition
  • Packed in bales
  • Clean
  • No contamination of any type of foreign particle such as paper, cardboard, metal elements, plastics, rubber, gold and silver threads.
  • Lycra-free


  • 100% white polyester yarn waste
  • 100% multi-coloured polyester yarn waste
  • Selvedge
  • 100% cotton scrap rags
  • Synthetic cotton scrap rags
  • Acrylic sweaters scraps classified by colour and multi-colour
  • Multi-coloured cotton scraps rags
  • Denim scraps
  • Bags of jute
  • White clean and dry nonwoven scraps rags
We buy textile waste

We do not buy used clothes

If your company can supply us with any of the above products contact us