Recovered textile fibers

We sell to the whole world

We are a successful export company selling goods to countries on several continents.

We contribute towards a more sustainable planet

We're proud that our work helps to make the planet more sustainable.

We employ cutting-edge technology

We have the latest and most innovative machinery.

We're textile fibre suppliers

we manufacture

What we produce

We produce recovered textile fibres from cotton, mixes of cotton and synthetics, polyester, rayon and any other textile suitable for upcycling, using a process that shreds scraps of new fabrics or textile waste.

that we buy

What we buy

Scraps of fabric or textile waste, classified by colour and composition and packaged. They should be free from any foreign objects such as paper, cardboard, plastic, labels, etc.



We have five modern shredding lines, enabling us to make 22,000 tonnes of our products in a single year.


Applications of our products

  • 100% white and coloured cotton
  • 100% white and coloured synthetic cotton
  • Dark multi-coloured cotton
  • Soft multi-coloured cotton
  • Multi-coloured synthetic material
  • Multi-coloured polyester material
  • Multi-coloured acrylic material